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Mandatory Quality Indicators

Are you currently using paper-based drug charts? How are you recording and generating accurate, up-to-date real time reports for the Mandatory Quality Indicators? With the new additions to mandatory quality indicators commencing 1st July 2021, Compact is here to offer you a solution to medication management, electronic medication management administration (emma).

Do your current reporting processes allow for the approach to promote quality use of medicines?

Is tracking the use of medications in your residential aged care home time consuming and at times difficult to keep on top of for the following?

  • Psychotropic drugs (prescribed in all medicine categories)

  • Residents who are charted for 9 or more drugs (polypharmacy) (number determined by Department of Health’s National Mandatory Quality Indicator Program

Are you able to access all of your medication management reports in one, easy-to use program?

Compact’s emma has an extensive range of reports that aid in the reporting of one of the new mandatory quality indicators, medication management. emma has prepared its customers for the last 4 years as it allows for fast, accurate and real-time reporting on psychotropic use, polypharmacy, and many more reports.

Recording medication administration electronically in emma supports the workflows implemented into the aged care home and the continuity of care to the residents. The user-friendly platform allows for multiple pharmacy capability and prescriber log in. Regular prescriber and pharmacy reviews, without the need to write new paper drug charts every 6 months means the standard of care towards medication management remains the same across all providers of healthcare.

The benefit of using emma to assist in medication management allows for aged care providers to monitor, measure, compare and improve the quality of services offered to their residents.

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