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Superior eNRMC for all stakeholders 

Developed by Compact Systems Australia, emma eliminates the pain points that Residential Care providers and their stakeholders face daily.

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The eNRMC for Everyone 

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About eNRMC

Key Features and Benefits

  • Remote access 

  • Simple user interface

  • Multi-dose signing options

  • Multiple pharmacy capability 

  • Any device, any time, anywhere 

  • Fast, responsive help desk 

  • Body-mapped Patch management

  • Continuous feature development

  • Body-mapped Insulin site rotation

  • Late medication admin alerts

  • Prompts for high risk and time sensitive medications

  • PRN administration and effectiveness with comments

  • Quality indicator reporting

  • Psychotropic reports with comments

  • Drug class and usage trending reports

  • Polypharmacy reports

  • PRN & Dose Omitted reports

  • Ongoing software development in accordance with industry standards

  • Automated Imprest/emergency supply record

  • Automated medication orders to the pharmacy 

  • Automated medication data sync with pharmacy software

  • Automated clinical data sync with clinical software

  • Eliminates faxing and emailing

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  • Promotes resident/client choice

  • Enhances compliance for assessable questions

  • Continuous improvement identification and activities

  • Alerts management of discrepancies 

  • Allows all med admin scenarios to be documented

  • Over 45 years of medication compliance experience

  • Developed by healthcare professionals

  • Strong focus on continuous improvement 

  • Exceptional customer service and feedback 

Key Features and Benefits

About eNRMC

eNRMC is an acronym for Electronic National Residential Mediation Chart. An eNRMC is an EMM that can legally be used to prescribe, supply, and claim Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines.

Prescribers can use an eNRMC to prescribe without needing to write paper prescriptions*. An eNRMC acts as a single source of truth for a resident, consolidating all important information about the medicines prescribed, supplied, and administered

*Except for all Schedule 8 medications and PBS items requiring telephone or written authority approval

Why choose eNRMC?

  • Removes the need for paper-based prescriptions and medication charts

  • Reduces medication safety risks due to inconsistencies between prescriber records and paper medication charts - reduces the time spent reconciling these differences

  • Reduces medication errors and allows greater flexibility and coordination in the way services are delivered

  • Allows visibility of allergies or medication interactions

  • Provides real-time electronic collaboration and communication tools

    •  supports consumer-centered care and enhances communication between all those supporting the resident’s clinical care

  • Reduces administrative burden and risks of errors and inefficiency

  • Increases visibility of residents’ medication records and enables easy review, thereby reducing the number of regular medications taken by an individual (polypharmacy).

  • Makes prescribing and dispensing easier and more efficient.

  • A quicker and easier way to understand a resident’s medication history and needs

  • Better and faster reporting and auditing ability.

  • Enables timely provision of medicines.

  • Government grants available

Funding your eNRMC

Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities can apply for a grant to help cover the costs of adopting emma eNRMC as it is a CPv3.0 conformant, Transitional eNRMC solution. 


The Transitional Electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNRMC) Adoption grant opportunity delivered by the Department of Health and Aged Care is now available for Australian residential aged care providers.

The eNRMC Adoption grant opportunity has come about as a direct response by the Australian Government to address widespread issues associated with medication management as highlighted in the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. The main objective of the eNRMC is to improve medication management, safety practices and health outcomes for Australians in residential aged care.


The eNRMC Adoption grant opportunity will run over three rounds. The first round will start in July 2022 and the last round will close on 19 December 2024. Applicants must apply between the opening date in July 2022 and 30 March 2023 for the first round

Anticipated dates and timings for the grant:

Round 1 open on GrantConnect  July 2022

Round 1 grant applications close 30 March 2023

Round 2 open on GrantConnec1 July 2023

Round 2 grant applications close 28 March 2024

Round 3 open on GrantConnect 1 July 2024

Round 3 grant applications close 19 December 2024


Grant Opportunity


Round 1  

Round 2 

Round 3 

Tier 1

(Highest $)




Tier 2

(Middle $)




Tier 3

(Lowest $)




Tier 1 Not-for-profit or profit based RACSs in the following locations: • Very remote • Remote or • Outer regional

Tier 2 Not-for-profit RACSs in the following locations:

• Inner regional • Major cities Profit based RACSs in the following locations: • Inner regional

Tier 3 All eNRMC Trial participant RACSs regardless of location. Profit based RACSs in the following locations: • Major cities


RACFs must read and understand the Grant Opportunity Guidelines and the Application Form before applying. Once the grant is live, you will be able to find these documents on GrantConnect

To apply, RACSs must:

  • complete the Application Form on GrantConnect

  • provide all information requested

  • address all eligibility criteria and

  • submit their application by the closing date and time, as specified on the front cover of the Grant Opportunity Guidelines

Have questions or need help with your application? Email or call (02) 6289 5600.

eNRMC Grant Opportunity
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