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emma for Disability 

Let emma transform your medication management with, real time reports, easy pharmacy communication and a user friendly interface that will make meeting quality indicators simple. 


Are you a disability or community care provider servicing participants in supported

independent living? 

Do you want to implement better medication management solutions? 

emma can help!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides organisational oversight of Medication Management to prevent errors and incidents

  • Central management and monitoring of care teams

  • Full suite of medication reports by client, home and organisation

  • Real time data


  • Delivers an effective framework of alerts, prompts, and controls to reduce the chances of medications errors and adhere to the 8 Rights of Medication Administration 

  • Clean, and clear medication directions

  • An intuitive, easy to understand user experience


  • Roles and permissions based

  • Highly customisable platform to mirror current work flows and procedures  

  • Interoperable Platform, capable of integrating with current organisational systems now and into the future

  • Device and software agnostic

  • Provides means for effective and efficiency monitoring and auditing


  • Clinical Team to help and assist 

    • Pharmacy 

    • Nursing

  • 45 years of charts for Community and Disability Care

  • Seamless transition from paper to electronic

  • Dynamic, innovative, experienced development


Key Features and Benefits

Advantages for Stakeholders

  • Helps to ensure medication is administered, monitored, reviewed and reassessed in a timely manager

  • Helps to create collaborative and communicative partnerships between healthcare teams and support networks

  • Allows for individual choice of pharmacy and prescribers

  • Reduces risk of missed medication and errors


  • Provides organisations with an EMM system that is clearly defined, documented and able to be monitored remotely

  • Promotes organisational medication governance and management processes.

  • Gives organisations an effective medication management system that maintains appropriate controls.


  • Multiple Pharmacy Capability into a Single SDA

  • Numerous Pharmacy Packing Software integrations for less impact to current pharmacy network

  • Accurate, up-to-date medication records

  • Reduced risk of missed data imports

  • Seamless medication orders with automatic audit trials and controls

  • Messaging service between Pharmacy and Care Team

  • No cost to Pharmacy


  • Remote access for all stakeholders, to client medication chart

  • Messaging service between Prescriber, Pharmacy and Care Team

  • No cost to the Prescriber 

  • MHR integration

  • Only write chart once


Advantaes for Stakeholders
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