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Experts in Aged Care Medication Management 

We're committed to developing superior medication management systems that support you to deliver the highest quality care, helping you deliver the right medication to the right person, with the right dosage at the right time.

elderly resident in an aged care facility using Compact's medication management systems

Pioneering medication administration systems that bring peace of mind

Delivering quality support in the aged care sector has never been more important or more challenging. Reducing risk and improving resident safety have always been paramount but with increasing demands on staff, systems and processes need to be seamless, simple and efficient.


Compact Systems Australia has been at the forefront of design and delivery of innovative compliance solutions for the aged care industry for over 45 years, helping to make your daily operations safer, more efficient and effective. Pioneering medication management products, including our market-leading medication charts, have made us the supplier of choice for thousands of Residential Aged Care facilities.


As technology evolves and legislation becomes tighter, we continue to develop state of the art medication administration systems that not only have patient safety at the forefront but that save you time and deliver absolute peace of mind.

Medication management systems that improve safety, efficiency and quality of aged care services

Many of our hospital and aged care medication management products are credited with having helped save the lives of patients, something that continues to inspire our dedicated staff. The reputation our products have for not only meeting, but exceeding standards of compliance set out by Federal and State regulators around Australia has been motivation for facilities nation-wide to adopt our procedures. 

A Compact Care Facility can be confident in the knowledge that they are using a fully compliant product that will greatly assist them to achieve a positive accreditation audit result.

With a common goal towards the betterment of resident health and comfort, Compact prides itself on the relationships fostered with clients around Australia in pursuing this objective.


That’s why you can trust us to deliver superior, state of the art electronic medication management (EMM) software.

Are you ready for eNRMC?

Electronic National Residential Medication Charts (eNRMC) are the future of medication management in Australian Aged Care facilities.

Compact’s eNRMC system, emma, is a state-of-the-art Electronic Medication Management Administration solution to all delivering medication in aged care services. Drawing from the National Residential Medication Chart, emma is Compact’s industry-leading medication chart on your iPad and will take your facility to an all-time high in standards of compliance.

electronic medication management administration system on an ipad screen
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