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The Superior Electronic Medication Management Solution

An Electronic Medication Management System Transforming The Care Industry

Introducing emma


Residential care providers face daily challenges in performing their roles, but no task may be more critical than administering the correct medication to the correct resident at the correct time. Busy caregivers also struggle with maintaining medication records, leaving management to be concerned about compliance issues, accreditation, and the well-being of their residents and clients. But now there's a solution, emma from Compact Systems Australia. emma is the most compliant and comprehensive electronic medication management product available on the market today and integrates easily with clinical programs.


Based on Compact’s more than 48 years of industry experience and knowledge in providing market leading medication management and charting solutions, emma was developed based on peer reviewed research to enhance medication safety and quality. Remote users such as prescribers, pharmacists and allied health professionals can manage resident and client medications more effectively. This high quality medication management software reduces risk and provides extensive and highly accurate reporting with real time data synchronisation. And with extensive patch management and accurate recording of insulin injections, emma captures the information required for a best practice solution. Coupled with nutritional supplement recording and multiple signing options, emma ensures your medication administration is fully compliant at all times.


For total peace of mind, you'll receive ongoing training, a responsive help desk, and on-site support. See how easy it is to transform your residential care homes medication management by scheduling your demo today.

About us 

The Software

  • emma’s integrated platform reduces risk and increases overall compliance

  • Simple user interface makes it easy for all team members to operate

  • Ongoing software development with regular best practice improvements and upgrades

  • Supports resident/client choice with multiple pharmacy access

  • Data synchronisation to ensure only accurate, compliant data

  • The most extensive range of useful and immediately accessible reports

  • Remote login from anywhere

The Developers: Compact Systems Australia

  • 45 years specialising in medication compliance

  • Committed to increasing clinical governance and risk mitigation

  • Team of health care professionals

  • Compliant with all current legislation and best practice guidelines

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