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State of the Art 
Management Software

emma is a cost-effective industry leading Electronic Medication Management (EMM) solution designed to support disability care providers to deliver the highest standard of care.

electronic medication management system on an ipad screen

Revolutionising Medication Management for Disability Support Providers

Electronic medication management is set to transform the disability care sector. emma is a cutting-edge electronic medication management system specifically designed to transform the way disability support providers manage and administer medication. Our software aligns seamlessly with the NDIS medication management framework, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

emma: Empowering Disability Care With Cutting Edge Technology

Compact is synonymous with developing market-leading solutions for the disability care sector. With more than 48 years experience in designing compliance solutions to enhance the quality and effectiveness of care, we have developed emma to help caregivers take advantage of the latest cutting edge technology.

What are the benefits of adopting an electronic medication management system?

Enhanced Safety
Increased Efficiency
Quality of Care

emma reduces the risk of medication errors with its intuitive interface, real-time alerts and detailed reporting features.

Automate routine tasks, streamline workflows and save valuable time that can be redirected to providing personalised care.

With comprehensive medication records and easy access to client information, emma enables caregivers to deliver the highest standard of care.

Improved Communication

emma seamlessly integrates with other electronic health record systems ensuring that everyone has access to the most up-to-date medication records

We’re committed to driving superior care and support for all stakeholders in the disability care sector including clients, care providers, pharmacies and medication prescribers.

Take the Next Step


Join the growing number of disability care providers who are enhancing their medication management with emma. Experience the difference that state-of-the-art technology can make in delivering safer, more efficient, and higher quality care. Contact us now to schedule a demo and see how emma can make a difference for you and the people in your care.

Key Features and Benefits Of Our Electronic Medication Management Solution

  • Provides organisational oversight of Medication Management to prevent errors and incidents

  • Central management and monitoring of care teams

  • Full suite of medication reports by client, home and organisation

  • Real time data


  • Delivers an effective framework of alerts, prompts, and controls to reduce the chances of medications errors and adhere to the 8 Rights of Medication Administration 

  • Clean, and clear medication directions

  • An intuitive, easy to understand user experience


  • Roles and permissions based

  • Highly customisable platform to mirror current work flows and procedures  

  • Interoperable Platform, capable of integrating with current organisational systems now and into the future

  • Device and software agnostic

  • Provides means for effective and efficiency monitoring and auditing


  • Clinical Team to help and assist 

    • Pharmacy 

    • Nursing

  • 45 years of charts for Community and Disability Care

  • Seamless transition from paper to electronic

  • Dynamic, innovative, experienced development


Advantages for Stakeholders

  • Helps to ensure medication is administered, monitored, reviewed and reassessed in a timely manager

  • Helps to create collaborative and communicative partnerships between healthcare teams and support networks

  • Allows for individual choice of pharmacy and prescribers

  • Reduces risk of missed medication and errors


  • Provides organisations with an EMM system that is clearly defined, documented and able to be monitored remotely

  • Promotes organisational medication governance and management processes.

  • Gives organisations an effective medication management system that maintains appropriate controls.


  • Multiple Pharmacy Capability into a Single SDA

  • Numerous Pharmacy Packing Software integrations for less impact to current pharmacy network

  • Accurate, up-to-date medication records

  • Reduced risk of missed data imports

  • Seamless medication orders with automatic audit trials and controls

  • Messaging service between Pharmacy and Care Team

  • No cost to Pharmacy


  • Remote access for all stakeholders, to client medication chart

  • Messaging service between Prescriber, Pharmacy and Care Team

  • No cost to the Prescriber 

  • MHR integration

  • Only write chart once


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