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Multiple Pharmacies

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Why consider emma?

Compact goes above and beyond to align with best practice guidelines and industry trends.

emma is the only software in Australia which is able to accommodate multiple pharmacies servicing RACF's

  • Consumer Privacy - Each pharmacy can only see the Consumers who have consented to them for medication supply

  • Streamline communication - Nurses are able to place a medication order in medication administration rounds and it is only sent to the Consumer’s chosen pharmacy (even if it is not the main contracted pharmacy).

  • Medication round efficiency - All Consumers in that area are viewed in one round for the nurses (no splitting rounds because there are different pharmacies).

  • Accurate Reports- Residential Care Homes will have access to 100% accurate reports as there is no need to have Consumers on paper charts because of their pharmacy choice.

See emma today and discover a quality electronic medication management software that focuses on:

  • Resident/Consumer safety and choice

  • Organisational efficiency and risk mitigation

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