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Medication Orders

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Medication Orders sent from Aged Care Homes to the Pharmacy were traditionally done in a book or on pharmacy ordering sheets. Using paper-based or electronic medication systems that are poorly designed, not used accurately, or implemented correctly can result in medication orders being duplicated, not being placed, delivered, or located efficiently; with little or no indication into where or when the medication order was compromised due to staff changeover, missing documentation or deleted documentation (some electronic platforms only keep order records for a few days).

During medication rounds, when nursing staff see a non-daily medication due, an upcoming expiry date or seemingly low stock they can order it directly from the Pharmacy using the emma medication management system. emma Orders has been carefully developed and continuously improved to enhance the ordering functionality and streamline workflows and accountability for both the Pharmacy and Aged Care Home. Once orders are placed in emma they are tracked right through from new to received. During this tracking process, a user can see the progress of the medication order and who finalized each progress stage. The data is then available for an unlimited amount of time so both the Residential Care Provider and Pharmacy staff can refer back to the emma Orders for accounts, accountability and auditing.

emma customers are satisfied that they can continue to provide medications safely to their Consumers at all times.

emma is simple, yet comprehensively complete; we give Residential Care Providers peace of mind that the right medications are given on time, every time.

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