Key Features and Benefits

emma is the most compliant and comprehensive electronic medication management product on the market today. Compact have developed emma to help eliminate the pain points that Residential Care providers and their employees face daily.



  • Remote access 

  • Simple user interface

  • Multi-dose signing options

  • Multiple pharmacy capability 

  • Any device, any time, anywhere 

  • Fast, responsive help desk 



  • Quality indicator reporting

  • Psychotropic reports with comments

  • Drug class and usage trending reports

  • Polypharmacy reports

  • PRN & Dose Omitted reports

  • Ongoing software development in alliance with industry standards



  • Promotes resident/client choice

  • Enhances compliance for assessable questions

  • Continuous improvement identification and activities

  • Alerts senior management about discrepancies 

  • Allows all medication administration scenarios to be documented

  • Assistive software development generated from feedback 



  • Body-mapped Patch management

  • Body-mapped Insulin site rotation

  • Late medication administration alerts

  • Prompts for high risk and time sensitive medications

  • PRN administration and effectiveness with comments

  • Continuous feature development to enhance safety 

Data sync.png

Data Synchronisation

  • Automated Imprest/emergency supply record

  • Automated medication orders to the pharmacy 

  • Automated medication data sync with pharmacy software

  • Automated clinical data sync with clinical software

  • Eliminates faxing and emailing


Industry Experience

  • Over 45 years of medication compliance experience

  • Developed by healthcare professionals

  • Industry partners of compliance and governing bodies

  • Strong focus on continuous improvement 

  • Exceptional customer service and feedback 

Our Process

Transforming your Residential Care Home’s medication management can be achieved in just three steps 



Let us demonstrate how emma can improve your Residential Care Home’s compliance, safety and quality, and revolutionise the way you manage medications. 



A dedicated Project Manager will be appointed to prepare an implementation plan that ensures installation and training that is co-ordinated and carried out efficiently and effectively.

Training and 

We offer ongoing training and support with a 24 hour help desk, phone support, remote and on-site support, training and accreditation assistance.